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Welcome to the online portfolio of Matthew Macri. The site will feature new work as the art rolls in, so keep coming back. For now, enjoy the latest illustration and graphic design I have to offer.


October 2016 UPDATED I am a Spotlight featured artist on Conan O'Brien's site and social media

 After completing my Conan illustration, and submitting it to Team Coco in anticipation of his upcoming Fall 2016 NYC shows live from the Apollo Theater, they have posted it on their site and social media! It has received thousands of likes, a ton of shares, and overall positive feedback from a community of strangers! As we all know, this is no small feat. 








Fall 2015  Highlighted: The Graphic Design and Apparel Gallery- peruse this gallery for examples of my graphic design work!


June 10, 2015  UPDATED Brand new heroes in the Sticky Note Sketches Gallery! After last March's Captain America Sticky Sketch, let's round out the hero theme for a while with a couple more Avengers, shall we? How about Robert Downey Jr.'s Tony Stark/Iron Man, and Chris Hemsworth's Mighty Thor? They may not be able to save the world, but you can be damn sure, they'll avenge it! Check them out in the Sticky Note Sketch Gallery... now!



May 27, 2013 SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't seen The Dark Knight Rises, this new series of drawings will ruin the ending. If that is the case (seriously you need to see that movie already), then go watch it RIGHT NOW and then come back here. If you have seen the movie, enjoy!

Click here or on the picture below to see the illustration gallery, featuring these DKR-inspired drawings!

March 7, 2013 New to the Sticky Note Sketch Gallery, it's not Angela Lansbury or Sir Paul McCartney. Who else could those beautiful British peepers belong to? Head over to the gallery to find out!

March 4, 2013 The latest addition to the Sticky Note Sketch Gallery, and our first super hero! But certainly not the last. Check out the gallery to see who it is. Here's a preview:


February 21, 2013 Introducing the Sticky Note Sketch Gallery! Sometimes I need to draw, but don't have time for an elaborate 4 week project. Go figure. So to assuage this desire, I have turned to the 3" x 3" yellow sticky-note format. Who will we see grace the tiny square canvas? Stay tuned to find out, and click on the Sticky Sketches gallery on the left to see the first image! Here's a preview:





August 17, 2012 Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary design for is finished and submitted! Voting has closed, thank you to all who voted!


July 2, 2012 New design project under way: Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary contest!

The Henson company wants fan-submitted designs to use for Fraggle Rock 30th Anniversary merch. How could I say no?


July 2, 2012 New T-Shirt design in the Graphic Design Gallery: Mickey Mouse!

Another cool design contest that I wanted to be a part of. Came up with a fun design I thought people of all ages might enjoy. Check it out!



April 12, 2012: New T-Shirt design in the Graphic Design gallery! Looking forward to this summer's The Dark Knight Rises? Not me. Just kidding! I super am. Design by Humans held a competition, and I just had to enter a piece, even though I only had 2 days to work on it.



November 13, 2011 Conan finished in the Illustration Gallery! And my first t-shirt design makes it on, featured in the Graphic Design Gallery!

He took his sweet time, but Conan finally made his way back to NYC this fall, so I converted my portrait to commemorate the occasion.

In the Graphic Design Gallery, check out my first t-shirt design, which was featured on


June 23, 2011 Conan, LOST, and the Yankees!

See the latest from my Illustration Gallery. An in-progress portrait of Conan, read all about our LOST spin-off series, and see what I made my Dad for Father's Day.




June 23, 2011 New Graphic Design!

Head on over to the Graphic Design Gallery to see some all-new images!



January 13, 2011 COMPLETED: Today's Words of the Day Are: Troy and Abed! 

Remember the Community episode where Troy and Abed pretend to be Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street? If you said no, then you have some classic TV to catch up on! Here is a re-imagining of that hilarious scene. Check it out in the Illustration gallery!